Installation Download
The first time, create a directory $GAMGI to store everything related with GAMGI, typically ~/gamgi (in user space), or /usr/local/gamgi or /opt/gamgi (in root space). Because GAMGI is in heavy development and new versions are coming up all the time, we strongly suggest to create this directory in user space, making it easier to install new versions and reducing concerns with security. In any case, GAMGI should be downloaded, compiled and installed by a user, not by root. From now on, everytime we mention $GAMGI, this should be replaced by the apropriate directory.

Create the $GAMGI directory

mkdir $GAMGI

Download to $GAMGI the file

gamgi-all-version.tar.gz (source code, documentation, data)

Unpack the file

gunzip gamgi-all-version.tar.gz
tar -xvf gamgi-all-version.tar