Installation Options
To install and run GAMGI, users can choose one of the following options:

Download and install a statically compiled executable

Executables compiled in this way include all the required library code, so they are easy to run, but waste a lot of unshared memory, thus they are seldom used today. Statically compiled executables are currently not available for GAMGI.

Download and install a dynamically compiled executable

Usually they are provided as rpm or deb packages. Although currently not available for GAMGI, it would be excellent to offer packages for the most popular Linux distributions, if someone volunteered their expertise and time.

Download and compile GAMGI from source code

Download a gamgi-all-version.tar.gz file, with the whole GAMGI distribution. Compile and install it, after ensuring that the building libraries are all installed.

This is the real thing. Users will never feel the joy and raw power of free software until they make simple modifications on the source code and see the results working on the executable they built. It is the whole difference between controlling or being controlled by the software!